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The park is open 24 hours a day all year round.

(A) Admission: 55 yuan / person • times. Implement preferential policies for special relief personnel and groups Admission:
1, to 6 years of age (including 6 years of age) or less height 1.2 m (including 1.2 m) free of charge for children under implementation; to 6 years of age (excluding 6 years) 18 years (including 18 years) of minors, full-time Bachelor degree students to implement the following half-price ticket.
2, when teens are required to produce identity cards or tickets student ID and other valid documents. Teen With inbound Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and other "Mainland Travel Permit for Hong Kong and Macao residents", "Mainland Travel Permit for Taiwan Residents" or student ID and other valid proof of identity, can handle ticketing formalities door, enjoy ticket discount prices.
3,60 years of age or older with a "Chongqing Municipal People's Government respecting discount card" tickets halved.
4, servicemen, martyred, disabled revolutionary servicemen, retired army officers, Disabled valid ID free of entrance fees.
Special Note: one vote tourists admission tickets only a single effective, please keep notes, to prepare for inspection, after the re-admission park To be re-purchase. Sold tickets will not be returned.

(B) the purchase: on-site ticket (entrance area)

(C) the booking time: 24 hours

(D) Admission Duration: one-person / times

(E) Team Price: tourist groups of 10 or more (including 10) in the implementation of 20 percent discount fares or strict accordance with the valid agreement.

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