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Taiji Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to Taiji Group) is one of the top 500 Chinese enterprises, China's top 10 pharmaceutical industry, 20 billion yuan of assets, with "Taiji Group" (Chongqing Taiji Industry (Group) Co., Ltd.), "Southwest Pharmaceutical" (Southwest Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.), "Tong Junge" (Chongqing Tong Junge Co., Ltd.) three listed companies. "Tai Chi" (TAIJI) is China's first well-known trademarks, OTC brand pharmaceutical companies first, in 2014 Group sales totaled 23 billion yuan, in 2021 will exceed billion mark.
      Taiji Group has 10,000 pharmacies, 13,000 employees, more than 20 commercial pharmaceutical companies, 13 pharmaceutical and Tai Chi Medical Research Institute, the Chongqing Institute of Chinese Medicine of two research institutions. 1998, Taiji Group with 15 domestic and foreign institutions to establish a post-doctoral workstations; in 1999, Taiji Group Technology Center was recognized as a national enterprise technical centers; in 2013, approved the establishment of the National Academy of Sciences expert workstation Tai Chi, Chinese Academy of Engineering, nearly 20 Academician become Taiji development consultant.
      Over 1500, the exclusive production of varieties more than Taiji Group in western species existing 50 national medicine to protect species over 50, the state-based drug types 165, 120 national patents, with annual sales of more than 15 million species .
      The rapid development of Taiji Group is mainly due to the growing research and development capabilities, increasingly sophisticated domestic market network, increasingly sophisticated information management, advanced production equipment, the best-selling foreign trade marketing channels, first-class workforce and management team, rather management experience with Chinese Characteristics. More importantly, tai chi for many years by the employees' loyalty, responsibility, solidarity, and strive to "the influence of the spirit of Tai Chi, full of" Everbright tai chi, revitalizing the Chinese nation "triumphalism.

Party and state leaders Xi Jinping, Zhang Dejiang, Jiang Zemin, Li Peng, Wen Jiabao, Wu Bangguo, Zeng Qinghong, Zou Jiahua and other inspections repeatedly visited Taiji Group, the Taiji Group fully affirmed the development and expansion of the road, Comrade Jiang Zemin personally writing "Taiji Group" Four gold shiny characters be encouraged.
      Yin and yang, each root order phase length, yin and yang balance everything in order and harmonious development. Taiji Group eager to communicate, look forward to working, and you would like for the Chinese pharmaceutical industry to the world and work together!
      Wuling Mountain National Forest Park in November 2003 after the takeover by the Taiji Group Co., Ltd., Chongqing set up special Genting Hotel Co., Ltd. engaged in tourism development and management work of the park. So far the park has invested 378 million yuan to upgrade the area to build. November 2008, the park was named national 3A level scenic spots, and have been awarded the "health tourism area", "consumer trust business", "most people love the scenery spots," such as the honorary title.

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