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  Large wooden rural territory Wuling Mountain National Forest Park is located in Fuling District of Chongqing City, about 55 kilometers southeast, is located in the northern section of Wuling, east large shavings Valley, south of Wulong Fairy Hill, west of Wuling Alexander rift area, away from Chongqing city 130 kilometers, the transportation is very convenient, is a paradise for the people of Chongqing summer recreation, vacation regimen.

     Scenic area of 16.33 square kilometers core, the highest elevation of 1980 meters, the average annual temperature is about 9.9 ℃, 7, in August the average temperature is only 19.7 ℃, the average annual sunshine 1050 hours, enjoy the cool air summer resort. Forest coverage rate reached 95.2 percent, is a natural green treasure, more than 2,000 species of plant and animal species, excellent air quality, negative oxygen ions per cubic centimeter of up to 180 000, known as the "natural oxygen bar."

     Resorts is a typical karst landscape, many within the caves, streams, clouds, mountainous peaks, vast woodlands, showing a vast secluded, mysterious steep natural scenery. The park has the domestic rare, cicadas quiet forest canopy along the cliff, the broad expanse of green grass prairie camping; there are close to Keren, Rohan lifelike eight hundred strong incense, Zen tone Wuling Temple curls; there Genting Hill four-star standard, Lotus Villa, Amagatarai hotel; there are five-star standard meditation garden; and 500 unique hotels and air Zen Liu nest; there are farm soil food street, forest mushroom soup, enriched Cloud Lake fish, self-service kitchen dining area. Scenic food, housing, travel, shopping, entertainment is extremely rich, spring flowers, summer, summer, autumn viewing, great snow of winter resorts.

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